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Paddling adventures can happen anywhere we look for them

Adventures can happen anywhere we look for them

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Welcome to my new web page. 


This page is to share with my friends and fellow paddlers; experiences, highlights, reviews, recommendations, books and everything to do with adventure canoe and kayak camping. 


Feel free to send in your articles and blogs, trip reports, book reviews, photos and videos, equipment reviews and whatever else you think paddlers like us will enjoy reading and knowing about. 

If you are a writer with an idea for an article, blog or book I´d like to help you write it and publish it. 


I’m Andy Lee, and I’ve been messing around with boats since I was 9 years old. My first was a raft made from worn out telephone poles the line crew left lying in the field near our farm pond. My sister and I used dad's handsaw and cut the poles to length and nailed them together to sail on the pond. 

My smallest canoe was a 10-foot Bart Abernathy design that I used for trout streams and sawmill ponds in Massachusetts and New Hampshire over 40 years ago. Along the way, I’ve paddled solo whitewater canoes, whitewater kayaks, solo and tandem touring canoes, and whitewater and touring kayaks ranging from 8-feet to 17-feet. My largest boat to date was the 2 years I served aboard a US aircraft carrier nearly 1,000 feet long. Its all been fun and I’m still passionate about water, canoes and kayaks, backcountry paddling and camping. 

The kayaks I prefer now are 12 to 16 foot for river, lake, and bay camping trips and whitewater crossover kayaks for whitewater camping. See Top 5 Adventure Camping Kayaks.


Contact me with questions, answers, suggestions and ideas. 


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